Corporate Data & History

Corporate Data

Company Name Morita Aluminum Industry,inc.
Founded April 10, 1972
Capital 30,000,000 yen
Location Headquarter
Ozaki cho 530-1 Hannan City Osaka, Japan TEL+81724801400

Tokyo Office
Location 3F Chiba Bldg, 1-52-6 Sasazuka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
TEL +81 3 6300 6551
President and CEO Kazunobu Morita
Major Products Office Partition
Indoor Clothes Line
Security Wall Spikes


1972 APR.Established as Morita Aluminum Construction Company in Sennan District, South Osaka
1975 Jun.Aluminium handrail Topline introduced.
1979 APR.Window grill installation bracket Punch Anchor introduced.
1980 OCT.Factory moved to Hannan District, South Osaka.
1982 MAYAluminium balcony Sky Space introduced. NOVAluminium verandah Sky Terrace introduced.
1983 JUN.Incorporated as Morita Aluminum Industry, Inc.
1984 JAN.Aluminium exterior staircase Stairs introduced.
1994 NOV.Exterior privacy screen Airy introduced.
1997 NOV.Aluminium Verandah Flat Terrace introduced.
1998 DEC.Stairs certified by the Japanese Ministry of Construction.
2000 AUG.New office and factory facility completed in Hannan District, South Osaka.
2004 NOV.Aluminium interior staircase「TAS」introduced.
2005 OCT.Indoor partition「falce」awarded Good Design Award (Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Directors Award) DEC.Indoor partition「falce」introduced.
Openable window grill「SOL」introduced.
2006 MAR.Mr Arinobu Morita appointed President, and Mr Kazunobu Morita appointed CEO. OCT.「SOL」awarded Good Design Award.
2007 MAR.「falce」awarded Osaka Design Center Best Product Award. JUL.Retractable indoor clothesline「pid」introduced.
2008 MAY.Aluminium baseboard「albase」introduced. JUN.Selected as one of 300 top growth manufacturing firms by Small and Medium Enterprise Agency. OCT.「albase」awarded Good Design Award.
2009 JAN.Aluminium carport & balcony「flange port」introduced. MAR.Aluminium security spikes「AG」introduced. OCT.「pid」awarded Good Design Award (Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Director's Award).
「AG」awarded Good Design Award.
2010 JAN.「AG」awarded『iF』Product Design Award. SEP.Recyclable baseball field-rake「AReco」introduced. OCT.「AReco」awarded Good Design Award.
2011 01「AG」awarded Good Design Award. 10「ViK」awarded Good Design Award.
2012 03「patis」awarded Good Design Award 10「patis」awarded Design for Asia Award.
2013 07「patis」awarded Red Dot Design Award. 11Multifunctional built-in wardrobe「Wally」introduced.
2014 10「AGx」awarded Good Design Award.