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Flat Terrace


Get the terrace of your dreams with custom orders.

Flat Terrace is a custom exterior solution that meets the demand for retrofitted terraces and roofs. By proposing optimal shapes tailored to various locations and terrains, it provides a more comfortable living environment without compromising the design of the building.

A terrace that fits your building

We strive to accommodate even the most unique shapes and sizes, which may be difficult with standard products. By adjusting and shaping it precisely to match the changes in your building, we propose a terrace that fits your home perfectly.


Open space with transparent materials

We use transparent polycarbonate for the roofing material, which not only allows light to enter but also brings in the external scenery in moderation. As a result, the terrace becomes a semi-outdoor space with minimal sense of confinement.



Size Please refer to the PDF catalog
Materials Aluminum extruded material with an anodized finish(Frame、Pillars)
Price Please refer to the PDF catalog


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