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Flange port


The car's roof is a balcony.

When paying attention to the 'presence', a new balcony, the flange port, has been created with a design that emphasizes the frame, clean beams, and concealed bolts as much as possible. To make the owner feel affection for their home, it's important for the design to harmonize with the building, as it is a presence that closely accompanies the residence. Flange port was born to become such a special presence.



Effective utilization of space

To make effective use of space and ensure parking space while utilizing the garden, we integrated the carport with the balcony. Furthermore, simply placing the balcony on top of the carport would create an imbalance, so we redesigned it to look neat and beautiful as a whole.



Design that blends into the building

The main body color is stainless steel, a color that matches any building color scheme. The roof material is made of sturdy 0.5mm thick steel.



Selectable handrail panels

The handrail section comes in standard lattice type, as well as acrylic projection (custom order) and lattice panel (custom order) options for your selection.


Size Please refer to the PDF catalog
Materials Aluminum extruded material with an anodized finish (main body)
Polycarbonate (panel)
Price Please refer to the PDF catalog


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