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Expand the Garden.

Skyspace can be described as a second-floor garden combining aluminum frames and resin deck materials. As an add-on balcony for detached houses, it maximizes the use of outdoor spaces, allowing for various uses such as laundry drying space.


Custom Design

Skyspace is one of the products where MAOS's distinctive custom design is most effectively utilized. You can freely adjust the shape and specifications to suit your site and building, allowing you to use your land space effectively.


Installable Afterwards

You can install a laundry drying area even after building the house.
It flexibly accommodates various conditions such as standalone or roof-mounted types.



Size Please refer to the PDF talog
Materials Aluminum extruded material with an anodized finish (frame, pillars)
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Resin (decking material)
Polycarbonate (panel)
Price Please refer to the PDF catalog


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