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Retrofit Aluminum Baseboard

For refined spaces

we value the balanced integration of aluminum's inherently polished beauty into the environment without compromising its atmosphere.


The unassertive presence and beauty of the baseboards

By pursuing a balance in design, it embodies adaptability to various spaces, construction feasibility, and functionality as baseboards that protect walls.



Combining the baseboard body with a resin base

By fixing the resin base to the wall and then fitting the baseboard body on top, it allows installation even from a completed wall state, such as in remodeling. It's recommended for sites that were previously incompatible with albase.


Size H 25 mm x D 5.3 mm(When joining the baseboard body and resin base)     L 1800mm、3600mm
Colours Silver/Black

Baseboard Body: Aluminum extruded material with an anodized finish.

Resin Base: ABS, Elastomer

End Cap: ABS

Price Please refer to PDF catalog

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