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Extra-wide flooring

Reduce joints, increase beauty.

BAYS series extra wide flooring "WOLD" is,
a flooring that gives richness to the space by making it as wide as a single plank.





Wide Oak

【Product No.】 WLD18-WK 【Price / m²】¥15,150/m²


【Natural】With a wider width, you can feel the beauty of the original oak grain and get a different impression.





Wide Assam

【Product No.】 WLD18-WA 【Price / m²】¥14,400/㎡


【Simple】The transparency of Assam tea and the lightness of maple are combined with the small number of joints to create an unprecedentedly spacious and simple space. The small number of joints matches to create a simple space with an unprecedented expanse.





Wide Walnut

【Product No.】WLD18-WW 【Price / m²】¥16,000/㎡


【Dark】Walnut has a luxurious and calm coloring,
The richness of the wide width creates a more luxurious feeling.



Differences in the appearance of flooring due to differences in width and length
The number of joints and grains varies depending on the width and length of the flooring, and the appearance of the space varies greatly depending on these differences. The wider the width and longer the length of the product, the fewer the number of joints and grains, creating a spaciousness and tranquility in the space.

Reproducing a single piece of wood with craftsmanship
Products with wide widths and long lengths are made from large pieces of raw wood, making it difficult and expensive to procure raw wood. WOLD has applied the veneer laminating technique used for furniture to realize the richness of a single piece of wood while keeping the price low.

Unique Taste of Natural Wood
Natural wood has a variety of expressions that cannot be found in industrial products. Each piece of wood is completely different from the next, with different colors and patterns, knots formed during the growth process of the branches, bark that rolls into the wood, a unique luster, and sap that collects and forms burn marks. We wanted our customers to enjoy this individuality, so we created the flooring in its natural state. We also created the flooring to age so that you can enjoy the changes in the flooring as you live with it.

Adoption of UV Coating
UV coating is a coating method that creates a film on the surface of flooring. The film improves durability and resistance to scratches and stains. This makes it easier to clean and maintain, reducing the frequency of waxing, etc. In addition, the natural texture of the surface has been preserved by minimizing the gloss as much as possible and adopting a gloss value of 5, the most matte UV coating available.
Get to know WOLD's composite flooring
Flooring can be broadly categorized into "solid" and "composite". "Solid" is made of a single piece of wood. "Composite" is, as the term implies, made of multiple materials combined in cross section. "Solid" has the best appearance and texture, but has the disadvantage that it is a single natural cross section, so it is prone to gaps, poke-ups, warping, etc. due to shrinkage. "Composite" is made by combining special sheets and dried plywood to eliminate the disadvantages of solid wood, while keeping the appearance and texture of solid wood by applying thin slices of natural wood on the surface. In this way, it can be made compatible with underfloor heating; WOLD has adopted the latter "composite" flooring.
※Because it is a wood material, it does not completely eliminate gaps and push-ups due to humidity control.


Overview Composite flooring (for joists)
Product Names WOLD
Colours Wide Oak Wide Assam Wide Walnut
  Oak (North America) 0.3mm Maple (North America)  0.3mm v  0.3mm
Coating UV matte clear coating (gloss value 5) UV matte tinted coating (gloss value 5) UV matte clear coating (gloss value 5)
Dimensions W 303mm × L 1818mm × T 12mm
Floor Heating Products compatible with floor heating
Materials Natural wood veneer / Special sheet / Lauan plywood
Product No.  WLD18-WK WLD18-WA WLD18-WW
price/㎡ ¥15,150 / ㎡ ¥14,400 / ㎡ ¥16,000 / ㎡
Ordering Unit Price ¥50,000/case 6sheets(3.3㎡) ¥47,500/case 6sheets(3.3㎡) ¥53,000/case 6sheets(3.3㎡)

Sick House Compliant】Low VOC 【Formaldehyde Emission】F ☆☆☆☆

Abrasion ResistanceJAS Abrasion A testMoisture Content14% or less


Overview Kamachi (A crosspiece that is passed at the edge of a floor )
Product Names   Kamachi dedicated to WOLD Wide Oak   Kamachi dedicated to WOLD Wide Assam Kamachi dedicated to WOLD Wide Walnut

Length W 120 (10)mm × L 1950mm × T 36mm
Product No. WLD19K-WK WLD19K-WA WLD19K-WW
Marked Price / ea ¥29,000/ea ¥33,000/ea ¥33,000/ea
Oak (North America) 0.3mm

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