Product Information

fitbase lite

Post-attached plastic skirting board

Standard white, cost-saving design

fitbase lite is a plastic skirting board that is designed to be cost-effective by changing the material from aluminum to resin,
The cost was reduced by changing the material from aluminum to resin.



The beauty and unassertive appearance inherited from fitbase

This is a resin skirting board that maintains the design of fitbase, a retrofit aluminum skirting board, but at a lower cost. The surface is covered with an olefin sheet to achieve a color that blends in with other fixtures. The result is a skirting board that blends in even more with the space.




Simple Installation

Place the adhesive along the uneven surface on the back of the unit and affix it to the wall. As with the fitbase retrofit aluminum skirting board, the elastomer at the bottom absorbs any unevenness in the floor and is designed to accommodate any type of floor. Since the sizes are the same, it can also be used butt-to-butt with fitbase to match the color of the wall surface.




White is a color that blends in with general white walls without a strong blue or red tint.

Size H 25 mm x D 5.3 mm        L1800mm、3600mm
Colour White

Skirting board: ABS, elastomer, olefin sheet

Small end seal: Olefin sheet

Price Please refer to the catalog

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