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Vinyl Tile

The best solution for water flooring.

The mixture of materials gives each tile a different appearance, which is reminiscent of nimbostratus.
In daring to include joints gives the tile a sense of tile-like quality.





Light Gray

450×450 mm Product No: BST44-LG






450×450 mm Product No; BST44-GG






Dark Gray

450×450 mm Prodcut No: BST44-DG



Overview Vinyl Type BOST
Size 450 sqre
Finish Initial dirt-preventive wax coating
Product No. BST44-LG BST44-GG BST44-DG

Light Gray

Graige Dark Gray
Dimensions 450×450×T3mm (no chamfering)
Quantity 14tiles/case(2.83㎡) 19㎏/case
Marked Price ¥4,946 / ㎡ (¥14,000 /case)
Notes For indoor use only, suitable for both bare feet and dirt surfaces.
Waxing is required when used on dirt surfaces.


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