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Electric meter cover

Excluding those that do not peek through. Windowless electric meter covers.

The world is progressing day by day. Electricity meters are also progressing. Smart meters have been updated so that electricity rates can be determined without on-site meter reading. However, the "cover" of the electricity meter has remained unchanged from the past. With the meter reading window, the electricity meter is attached to the wall of the house as an "electricity meter. By eliminating the meter reading window and hiding the meter in a simple, square box, the house becomes more beautiful.



Horizontal and Vertical Design

Architecture is composed of horizontal and vertical elements such as floors, walls, and ceilings. We want meters to be an extension of these elements. Because they are meant to be attached to the wall surface, we were particular about the horizontal and vertical design of the electric meter covers, just as we were with the gas meter covers. BAKO's position is to fit in with the overall architectural concept.



Electricity meters need to be invisible.
Due to a revision of the Energy Conservation Law in 2014, 10 major electric power companies in Japan shifted from conventional electric meters to smart meters. With the introduction of smart meters, regular meter reading is no longer required, and the BAKO Electric Meter Cover is designed to fit smart meters by eliminating the meter reading window, which is no longer necessary, and creating a simple, sleek design that does not detract from the design of the home.




Can be opened and closed without the need for tools

The meter is not visible from the outside. When reading a meter, loosen the knurled screw by at least 1.5 to 2 cm before opening the main unit toward you. At the time of the first meter reading, the meter may be too familiar with the building to be noticed, so please inform the contractor of its presence.



Instructions & Specifications



Size Please refer to the drawing
Colours Black White
Product No. DMC46-BK DMC46-WH
Materials Steel Baked powder coating (body)
SUS304 (fixture)
Marked Price ¥19,500(exclude tax)
Notes Mounting plate for watt-hour meter (W260 x H420 x D45 mm) must be purchased separately.




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