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Gas meter cover

Hide the gas meter.

Even though the facade of the building has been carefully arranged, an armored gas meter stands out badly by the entrance.
The exterior walls are black, but the gas meter is ivory white.
The BAKO gas meter cover was created to solve such problems around the building.
It changes a supporting role into a quiet existence like a supporting role.


Horizontal and Vertical Design

Architecture is composed of horizontal and vertical elements such as floors, walls, and ceilings. We want meters to be an extension of these elements. Because they are meant to accompany the wall surface, the gas meter covers are also horizontally and vertically oriented. BAKO's position is to fit in with the overall architectural concept.



Protecting the Gas Meter
When installed in new construction, BAKO may seem a size smaller than the gas meters you normally see. This is because the gas meter is installed at a lower position than usual. The recommended height of the gas meter is high due to concerns about water splashing, but BAKO allows the gas meter to be installed in a lower position.


Please remove the lid when reading the meter.

The meter is not visible from the outside. When taking a meter reading, please "bop" the cover toward you and remove it completely. At the time of the first meter reading, the meter may be so familiar to the building that you may not even notice it, so please inform the contractor of its presence.



For both new and existing gas meters.

BAKO Gas Meter Cover was developed for city gas meters (verified by Tokyo Gas, Osaka Gas, and Toho Gas). In new construction, the meter mounting height can be specified and the piping can be completely covered. When retrofitting to an existing gas meter, the piping under the meter will be exposed, but this is not a problem in terms of strength.


Construction method and specifications



Size Please refer to the drawing
Colours・Product No. Black GMC70-BK     White  GMC70-WH

Steel Baked powder coating (body)


Marked Price ¥38,000(exclude tax)

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