Product Information

kururi plus

Swiveling clothesline

Clotheslines, anywhere.

facing, at an angle, in a corner, with a base or without a base
kururi plus is an indoor clothesline that can be easily installed anywhere.


Can be used widely and can dry plenty of laundries.

The neck of the main body swivels 60 degrees to the left and right, so you can use the space effectively. The unprecedentedly simple structure consisting only of plastic parts allows you to freely dry clothes indoors. The minimum length is 1080mm and the maximum length is 2630mm. Whether you live alone or have children in the house, these specs are suitable for all kinds of room drying.



Easy Installation
Easy installation with a combination of screws and pins. It can be installed either where there is a base or where there is no base, so it can be freely laid out in combination with the swivel. For walls with a foundation, a combination of pins and A-truss screws can be used; for walls without a foundation, pins alone can be used.


Mountable angles and dimensions

Installation method and specifications